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Family Quiz 8 Answers


Enjoy a fun family quiz with easy answers for family members young to old!

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Family questions and answers for an educational quiz with kids, adults and the elderly.

Questions for Family Quiz 8


  1. c) Gloves (as they are not a type of footwear)

  2. Buzz Aldrin

  3. False: The amount of legs that a centipede has varies depending on species

  4. The cuticle

  5. Fromage

  6. 120

  7. Tiana

  8. Grapes

  9. b) Iron Age

  10. The girl is happy.

  1. Justin Bieber

  2. Yellow

  3. Kelvin Fletcher

  4. American

  5. Hazelnut

  6. A baby hedgehog

  7. Her Glass Slipper

  8. Running

  9. Brasilia

  10. Seventy thousand, three hundred and ninety-six