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Answers General Knowledge Quiz Three


Hold the best family or pub quiz night with our fun general knowledge quiz questions and answers. Check out our free general knowledge quizzes with answers Movie, Music, History, Science, Geography, TV, Math, Food, Christmas, Bible and Fun Holiday Trivia answers regularly updated by Challenge The Brain.

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General Knowledge Answers for the best pub quiz night!

Answers General Knowledge Quiz Three


  1. Lyndon B. Johnson

  2. Benjamin Franklin

  3. Carbon

  4. France

  5. Courgette

  6. Five

  7. The continents

  8. The Red Lion

  9. Ben Stiller

  10. Massachusetts

  1. A pen

  2. Calamari

  3. Diamond

  4. Ganges

  5. Madonna

  6. Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line

  7. Tallahassee

  8. Emma Thompson

  9. Scotland

  10. Tennis