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Bible Quiz Questions 8


Keep your pub quiz teams entertained with Challenge the Brain's free Bible Quiz Questions 8.

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Bible Quiz Questions 8


  1. By what name did Moses refer to Hoshea as?

  2. Who wipes the face of Jesus at the Sixth Station of the Cross?

  3. What is the only breed of dog that is mentioned in the Bible?

  4. How many times do the 10 Commandments appear in the Hewbew Bible?

  5. How many sayings of Jesus on the cross are recorded in the Bible?

  6. How many days after Jesus died did he rise?

  7. By what name was Paul the Apostle originally known?

  8. Dismas and Gestas are traditionally known as the two unnamed what?

  9. At noon, leading up to the death of Jesus, a period of darkness came across the land that lasted how long?

  10. which Jewish festival is known as the Festival of Lights?

  1. Who wept bitterly when they remembered the following words of the Lord, "Before the rooster crows today, you will disown me three times."?

  2. What are the Decalogue?

  3. The Red Sea is an inlet of which ocean?

  4. Following the arrest of Jesus, before which Jewish judicial body did he stand trial?

  5. During which Station of the Cross are Jesus' clothes taken away?