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Test your trivia knowledge with our selection of fun brain teaser quiz questions readymade for friends and family to enjoy. For a great pub quiz night, check out our free fun brain teaser quizzes which are regularly updated with the best brain teasers from Challenge The Brain.

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Brain teaser questions for the best pub quiz night!

Brain Teaser Questions


  1. Seven years ago, my sister was twice the age I was then plus two years making her thirty-two, the combined age of us two years ago was fifty-seven, how old am I now?

  2. Which of the following words is a palindrome: yacht, airplane, racecar, train?

  3. If some cats are independent and no independent cat is affectionate then which of the following statements is true?
    Some cats are not affectionate
    Some cats are affectionate

  4. Which former Great British prime minister is an anagram of 'random advice'?

  5. Which of the following is least like the others: Length, Millimetre, Yard, Meter?

  6. Mia and Tilly have the same amount of sweets each. How many sweets should Mia give Tilly so that she has four sweets more?

  7. Which letter should appear next in the following sequence: Z B Y D X F W H?

  8. True or false: the following words correspond to the following number sequence: car, spider, hexagon, unlucky = 4, 8, 5, 13

  9. If the word EWE is written above the word ZOO and the word TOE is written above the word EWE, would the number TWO appear diagonally?

  10. MELON is to ENMOL as 83425 is to?

  1. The word 'ISPISISPSMI' is an anagram of a what: plant, ancient wonder, river, sea creature or sporting event?

  2. You have a journey of 650 miles to make. A full tank of petrol permits you 310 miles. You have exactly half a tank of petrol when you leave and the nearest petrol station is 10 miles away. What is the least amount of times that you will you need to visit a petrol station during this journey?

  3. Unscramble the following words to create five country capitals:

  4. True or false: your left hand glove will fit your right hand if you turn it inside out?

  5. If David travels one mile north, two miles west, one mile north, one mile east, three miles south, one mile east, how far will he be from his starting point?

  6. Which of the following words is most associated with the word ‘intermittent’: continuous, irregular, repetitive, consistent?

  7. What type of chatter is an anagram of ACTVIEROSONN?

  8. Fill in the missing letters to find five words directly linked to the following:
    TIMES = M_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ TION
    ENLARGE = M _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ TION
    LEARN = E _ _ _ _ TION
    PICTURE = I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ TION
    REASON = E _ _ _ _ _ _ TION

  9. My friend says she has two coins in her pocket totaling £2.05 and that one is not a £2 coin. Is this possible?

  10. What month was last month if February is in three months?