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British History Quiz Questions


Test your trivia knowledge with our ultimate British history quiz questions readymade for friends and family to enjoy. For the best pub uiz night, check out our free Great British history quizzes with easy and hard history questions about Great Britain.

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British history questions for the best pub quiz night!

British History Quiz Questions


  1. Which Admiral led the British Royal Navy during the Battle of the Nile in 1798?

  2. Who was the first female to fly solo from Great Britain to Australia?

  3. What nickname did Mary I of England receive after she ordered the persecution of hundreds of protestants?

  4. Which famous explorer landed on Possession Island and claimed it as British territory?

  5. What is the name of the United Kingdom's most senior palace located in the City of Westminster?

  6. Which famous military leader defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo?

  7. What act was passed on April 5, 1764 by the Parliament of Great Britain to raise revenue from the American colonists?

  8. Who was the first Hanoverian King of Great Britain?

  9. Which former British coin has a fixed value of 21 shillings?

  10. During World War I, suffragettes handed a white feather to men wearing a what?

  1. Which British Royal Navy ship became trapped on the Yangtze River during the Chinese Civil War?

  2. During which battle did Admiral Lord Nelson receive the bullet wound that would lead to his death?

  3. Who established the Church of England?

  4. True or false: The Airco DH-2 was a British fighter aircraft first used during WWI?

  5. Which British King, whose body was later discovered under a car park in Leicester, is said to have ordered the death of his nephews, Edward V of England and Richard of Shrewsbury, the Duke of York?