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Christmas Movie Quiz Questions


Check out our Fun Christmas Movie Quiz Questions for a Fun Xmas Pub Quiz Night!

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Christmas movie quiz questions and answers with Xmas Film Trivia for Family Quizzes!

Christmas Movie Quiz Questions


  1. In what movie do siblings, Ethan and Hallie, get help from Santa to make a plan that will get their divorced parents back together?

  2. Which actor played cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation?

  3. Which legendary male actor starred in both of the following Xmas movies: Holiday Inn 1942 and White Christmas 1954?

  4. What are Brad's brothers names in the movie 'Four Christmases'?

  5. Who was the traitor and terrorist in Die Hard 2?

  6. What did Rand Peltzer give his son Billy for Christmas?

  7. What is Clark Griswold's nickname?

  8. What is Ernest's occupation in the movie 'Ernest Saves Christmas'?

  9. Can you name the four main actors in the 1954 musical film 'White Christmas'?

  10. In which Xmas movie do the following quotes feature: from Merry Christmas shitter's full, If it gets dented then my hair just ain't gonna look right, and Save the neck for me Clark?

  1. How did Charlie's dad Jack Frost come to life in the form of a snowman?

  2. Why does Buddy Ball put so many Christmas lights on his house?

  3. From a famous Christmas film, who says 'God Bless Us Everyone'?

  4. In Die Hard 2, which airport is taken over by terrorists?

  5. Instead of having Christmas, what do The Krank family decide to do?

  6. In Scrooged, who threatens Frank with a shotgun?

  7. Which two actors featured in the sex scene in Love Actually?

  8. Which Christmas movie fetures Arnold Schwarzenegger?

  9. Which city does Will Ferrell travel to when he discovers that he is human, not an elf?

  10. What was the angel's name in 'Its a wonderful life'?