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Christmas Pub Quiz


Have a fantastic Xmas with our selection of Christmas pub quiz questions for the best trivia quiz night, check out our free Christmas quizzes which are regularly updated by the team at Challenge The Brain.

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Christmas pub quiz questions for the best trivia night!

Christmas Pub Quiz


  1. What item does Father Christmas give to the boy in Raymond Briggs' story of 'The Snowman'?

  2. Gold chocolate coins are sold at Christmastime in honor of which famous person who once gave gold coins to the poor?

  3. The song 'Happy Xmas (War Is Over)' was written by John Lennon and Yoko Ono in protest against which war?

  4. At which fast food chain restaurant do millions of Japanese people enjoy eating their Christmas dinner every year?

  5. Which famous company began a TV advertising campaign in 1995 featuring 'Christmas Caravans'?

  6. True of false: Holly berries are poisonous?

  7. In the famous Christmas movie Home Alone, by what name do burglars Harry and Marv refer to themselves?

  8. What language does the word 'noel' derive from?

  9. How many Sundays occur during the period of Advent?

  10. Who joined with their artist friend John Horsley to create the first Christmas card?

  1. A film adaptation of the novel 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens was produced in 1992 and featured the cast from which famous show?

  2. In countries such as the United States and Germany, it is tradition to hide a decoration on the Christmas tree in the shape of what type of fruit?

  3. Which Christmas character famously said 'Every idiot who goes about with Merry Christmas on his lips, should be boiled with his own pudding, and buried with a stake of holly through his heart'?

  4. Which country is visited by 13 Santas as opposed to the one traditional Santa that is celebrated by children in most other countries?

  5. How many different types of birds are mentioned in the 12 Days of Christmas song?

  6. In the Jingle All the Way movie, what toy does Howard Langston promise to get his son for Christmas?

  7. What type of chocolate based dessert derives from an old Christmas tradition that involves a fireplace?

  8. What song does Billy Mack record in the film Love Actually in hope of reaching Christmas number one?

  9. What traditional Christmas beverage is made from mulled cider and begins with the letter W?

  10. The letter X used in the abbreviated word 'Xmas' derives from the first letter of the word meaning 'Christ' in which language?