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Christmas Quiz Answers 10


Create a pub quiz night that's fun and entertaining with Christmas Quiz Answers 10 by the team at Challenge the Brain.

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Christmas quiz questions and answers for pub quiz night.

Christmas Quiz Answers 10


  1. False: Although not impossible, it was very unlikely that Jesus was actually born on Christmas Day

  2. Kirsty MacColl

  3. James Pierpont

  4. Norway

  5. Bah Humbug

  6. Japan

  7. Sir Henry Cole

  8. Philippines

  9. Surrey

  10. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

  1. Baby It's Cold Outside

  2. Silent Night

  3. Wenceslas

  4. Tom Smith

  5. Tonga

  6. Myrrh

  7. Marcel the Monkey

  8. 7th January

  9. Twelve

  10. Edward Johnson