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Christmas Quiz Questions 8


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Christmas quiz questions and answers for the best pub quiz night.

Christmas Quiz Questions 8


  1. Which movie character sang 'Christmas Is All Around' in Love Actually?

  2. Which Christmas Carol includes the lyrics 'joyful and triumphant'?

  3. Who banned people from eating mince pies and Christmas pudding on Christmas Day in England during the 17th Century?

  4. In which film does Bruce Willis play a New York City policeman who visits his estranged wife and two daughters on Christmas Eve?

  5. Which Christmas plant represents Christ's crown of thorns?

  6. Who covered Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree in 1987?

  7. In which famous Christmas movie does Donald Trump make a brief appearance?

  8. From which country does the word Noel originate?

  9. What was the first Christmas song broadcast from space?

  10. In which country is Santa Claus known as Deushka Moroz?

  1. What year was the famous movie 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' released?

  2. Who played Harry in Home Alone?

  3. In which country is Santa Claus known as Kriss Kringle?

  4. Who sang 'Last Christmas'?

  5. In Britain, what was originally a soup made with wine and raisins?

  6. Who traditionally left socks of fruit and nuts at houses of the poor during the 12th century?

  7. If one was to go a-wassailing, what would they be doing?

  8. True or false: the needles of a Christmas tree are a good source of vitamin C? (Don't try this at home!)

  9. Which band has achieved the most Christmas number 1 songs in the UK?

  10. What is the meaning of the Dutch word Sinterklaas?