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Continents and Oceans Quiz Questions


Test your general knowledge with our selection of continent and oceans quiz questions readymade for friends and family to enjoy. For the best pub quiz night, check out our free geography quizzes with trivia questions about continents and oceans.

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Continents and oceans questions for the best pub quiz night!

Continents and Oceans Quiz Questions


  1. Can you name the five oceans of the world?

  2. Which continent is the most populated?

  3. What is the 'Gulf Stream'?

  4. Which continent is home to the most independent countries?

  5. Which ocean surrounds Antarctica?

  6. What is the biggest country in South America?

  7. What is the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench?

  8. Beginning with the biggest, put the following continents in order of size: Asia, North America, Australia, Europe, South America, Antarctica, Africa?

  9. Which ocean does the Amazon River empty into?

  10. Which continent has no active volcanoes?

  1. Which continent has the most French speaking countries?

  2. The Panama Canal connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans via which sea?

  3. Which continent is Estonia located on?

  4. The Ring of Fire is an area in the basin of which ocean?

  5. How many continents are there in total?

  6. Which continent does Canada belong to?

  7. What is the largest ocean in the world?

  8. Which continent is home to the Gobi desert?

  9. Which ocean surrounds Zanzibar?

  10. Which continent has the largest rainforest in the world?