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Earth Day Quiz Answers


Celebrate World Earth Day on April 22nd with our selection of Earth Day quiz questions with answers readymade for a family or school quiz. Check out our free Earth Day quizzes with trivia answers regularly updated by the team at Challenge The Brain.

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World Earth Day answers for the best quiz night!

Earth Day Quiz Answers


  1. America

  2. Rainforest biome

  3. Yes, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd

  4. Carbon dioxide

  5. True

  6. Senator Gaylord Nelson

  7. Dead zone (Hypoxic zone)

  8. Due to the Earth's abundance of water on it

  9. 1970

  10. c) Carbon Footprint

  1. Crust, mantle, outer core, inner core

  2. New York

  3. Ira Einhorn

  4. Citarum River, Java, Indonesia

  5. John McConnell

  6. True

  7. Land-based (over 80%)

  8. The Paris agreement (The Paris climate agreement)

  9. b) 70%