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Easy Pub Quiz Questions


Check out our Easy Pub Quiz Questions readymade for family and pub quizzes. For the ultimate quiz night questions, choose from our Easy Pub Quiz Questions by Challenge The Brain. .

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Easy pub quiz questions for the ultimate quiz night online!

Easy Pub Quiz Questions


  1. How many face cards, excluding the joker, are there in a deck of cards?

  2. Which 2016 song by Sia begins with the lyrics, 'Come on, come on, turn the radio on, it's Friday night and it won't be long'?

  3. What type of metal is primarily used in the construction of a saxophone?

  4. What year was the Candy Crush Saga released?

  5. In which movie does a bachelor party awake to a tiger, a chicken, a baby and a missing tooth?

  6. Which famous nursery rhyme is about the Black Death?

  7. True of false: Gary Lineker never received a yellow or red card during his career as a footballer?

  8. Which continent has the most countries?

  9. The Mona Lisa is a famous painting by which Italian artist?

  10. What is the cheapest property on a Monopoly board?

  1. Vodka and tomato juice are the main ingredients of which famous cocktail?

  2. How many toes does a bear have on each paw?

  3. Which movie earned Leonardo DiCaprio his first ever Oscar for Best Actor?

  4. True or false: The London Eye is the world's highest observation wheel?

  5. What type of sport is associated with the Ryder Cup?

  6. How many wives has Donald Trump had?

  7. Which country do the islands of Honshu, Hokkaido, Shikoku and Kyushu belong to?

  8. Can you place the following string instruments in order of size beginning with the smallest first: cello, viola, double bass, violin?

  9. Which cartoon character serves as the official mascot of Walt Disney?

  10. Complete the proverb: You can lead a horse...?