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Family Pub Quiz


  1. Which of the following creatures is the odd one out and why:
    a) Spider, b) Lizard, c) Snake, d) Crocodile?

  2. What is the name of the famous puppet created by a woodcarver named Geppetto?

  3. Bangkok is the capital city of which Asian country?

  4. Which planet is closest to the Earth?

  5. How many pairs of segmented legs does a honey bee have?

  6. Which three female artists released a song called 'Don't Call Me Angel' in 2019?

  7. Which country has the largest population:
    a) Canada, b) Mexico, c) The United States?

  8. What word, beginning with the letter C, describes a person who directs an orchestra?

  9. What type of pet does Joey give to his roommate Chandler in the sitcom Friends?

  10. Which country's flag featuers a crimson red disc on a white rectangular background?

  1. Which dinosaur had three horns on its head?

  2. Which of the following words describes a deep gorge, often with a river running through it:
    a) Cliff, b) Canyon, c) Cave?

  3. How many World Wars have there been?

  4. Which classical ballet tells the story of a girl who visits the Land of Sweets on Christmas Eve?

  5. What are the two main ingredients of a Spanish omelette?

  6. What type of gas makes up most of the Earth's atmosphere?

  7. In the famous story, what did Peter Pan leave behind in Wendy's bedroom?

  8. What is a baby puffin called?

  9. Who became the first male artist since Ed Sheeran to have two songs in the top 5 of the UK singles chart?

  10. What is the fastest animal on two legs?