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Food Quiz Answers 9


Our food quiz questions and answers should provide an appetizing challenge for you quiz participants.

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Food Quiz Answers 9


  1. Cabbage (usually Napa cabbage) and various vegetables, fermented with seasonings.

  2. Durian

  3. Orzo

  4. Sriracha sauce

  5. Eggs, cheese (typically Pecorino Romano), pancetta or guanciale, and black pepper.

  6. Empanada.

  7. Bonito fish flakes and kombu (dried kelp).

  8. Tiramisu

  9. Saffron.

  10. Gruyère cheese, often combined with Emmental or other Swiss cheeses.

  1. Chickpeas (garbanzo beans).

  2. Basil.

  3. Naan.

  4. Marinated and spit-roasted pork.

  5. Tuna

  6. Honey

  7. Coriander

  8. Milk

  9. Arborio rice

  10. Apples