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Food Quiz Questions 7


Host a fun pub quiz night with our Food Quiz Questions 7; free, printable quiz questions and answers from Challenge the Brain.

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Food quiz questions and answers from your number one pub quiz website.

Food Quiz Questions 7


  1. What is chorizo?

  2. What type of food is a yam?

  3. A Bloody Mary is stirred with which vegetable?

  4. What 'M' is a popular coconut flavoured Caribbean rum?

  5. Which country does parmesan cheese originate from?

  6. Azuki, Mung and Lima are all types of what?

  7. Icing, Demerara and Muscovado are all types of which sweet substance?

  8. What 'C' is a European dish consisting of squid?

  9. Spring Onions are often called by which other name?

  10. Chestnut, Morale and Trumpet are all types of which vegetable?

  1. What ingredient is used to line the rim of a glass of Margarita?

  2. True or False: John Dory is a type of potato?

  3. True or False: Okra is referred to as ladies fingers?

  4. Which spirit is typically mixed with orange juice to create the 'screwdriver' cocktail?

  5. What type of salad typically consists of celery, apples, walnuts and grapes?

  6. In which country was tea first grown?

  7. Kos, Iceberg and Little Gem are all types of which vegetable?

  8. What colour is the spice Turmeric?

  9. What spice comes from the Crocus flower?

  10. What type of shellfish are King, Coconut and Blue are all types of?