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Football Quiz Answers


Test your soccer knowledge with the printable Football Quiz Answers for friends and family quizzes. For the best quiz night questions with answers, check out our free Football Trivia Quizzes with hundreds of questions on sport from Challenge The Brain..

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Football quiz answers for the best online pub quiz night!

Football Quiz Answers


  1. Trevor Francis

  2. Crystal Palace

  3. Alan Shearer

  4. a) 90,000

  5. Midfielder

  6. Eleven

  7. Australian

  8. Lionel Messi

  9. Argentina v England (1986 FIFA World Cup Quarter-final)

  10. George Best, Denis Law, and Sir Bobby Charlton

  1. Aston Villa

  2. 20

  3. Australia (Australia 31-0 American Samoa on April 11, 2001)

  4. Thomas Müller (Germany)

  5. England v Germany 1990 Semi-Final

  6. Peter Crouch

  7. Three Lions

  8. Bruce Grobbelaar

  9. Wales

  10. Newcastle United Football Club