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Football Quiz Questions


Test your soccer knowledge with the ultimate Football Quiz Questions printable for pubs. For the best quiz night questions, check out our free Football Trivia Quizzes with hundreds of sports questions from Challenge The Brain..

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Football quiz questions for the ultimate pub quiz night online!

Football Quiz Questions


  1. Who was England's first million pound footballer?

  2. Former footballer Eric Cantona famously kung fu kicked a fan of which football team in 1995?

  3. Who became the first footballer to score 100 English Premier League goals?

  4. What is Wembley Football Stadium's capacity: a) 90,000 b) 96,000 c) 100,000?

  5. What position did former footballer Vinnie Jones play from 1984 to 1999?

  6. How many consecutive Premier League matches did Jamie Vardy score in during the 2015-16 Premier League season?

  7. What nationality is former goalkeeper Mark Bosnich?

  8. Which football player is Barcelona's all-time top scorer?

  9. In which football match did Diego Maradona score the 'Hand of God goal'?

  10. Which three former Manchester United football players are represented by the United Trinity?

  1. Which football team does Prince William support?

  2. How many teams are there in the English Premier League?

  3. Which country set a world record in 2001 for the largest victory in an international football match with a 31-0 win?

  4. Which 2010 FIFA World Cup goal scorer received the Golden Boot award?

  5. During which World Cup Semi-Final match was Paul Gascoigne in tears?

  6. Which player is the top scorer of headed goals in English Premier League history?

  7. Which song was released by the Lightning Seeds in 1996 to mark England's participation in the European Championships?

  8. Which former goalkeeper is nicknamed Spaghetti Legs?

  9. Which national football team does Gareth Bale play for?

  10. Which football team is nicknamed 'The Magpies'?