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Fun Pub Quiz Questions and Answers


Have a blast with Fun Pub Quiz Questions and Answers from Challenge the Brain. Free, printable Fun Pub Quizzes for a great pub quiz night!

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Fun Pub Quiz Questions and Answers for the best trivia night in town.

Fun Pub Quiz Questions and Answers


  1. Bran Castle in Romania is commonly known as the castle of which famous fictional character?

  2. Who is the Greek god of war?

  3. In which two cities is Charles Dickens' 'A Tale of Two Cities' set?
    Paris and London

  4. Which islands did James Cook name Hawaii?
    The Sandwich Islands

  5. Which British politician famously headbutted a German footballer in the groin?
    Boris Johnson

  6. A Cavapoo is a cross between which two dog breeds?
    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle

  7. By what name was Willy Nelson's guitar known?

  8. Which Shakespeare play contains the quote 'is this a dagger I see before me, with its handle pointed towards my hand”?

  9. Which song, from a well known Disney movie, begins with an African chant that goes 'Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba, Sithi uhm ingonyama'?
    The Circle of Life from The Lion King

  10. What is the maximum length of a cricket bat officially allowed to be?
    38 inches / 96.5cm

  1. Who wrote the famous poem 'The Highwayman'?
    Alfred Noyes

  2. What letter is located between letters X and V on a standard keyboard?
    Letter C

  3. What is the largest landlocked country in the world with no border access to the open ocean?

  4. Asteroidea is a class of echinoderms that comprises of which creature?

  5. What was the Pet Shop Boy's first number one song?
    West End Girls

  6. What element has the symbol Au?

  7. Which English county is Lake Windermere located in?

  8. What is Helen Parr's nickname in 'The Incredibles 2' movie?

  9. A number that is greater than 1 and is not a prime number is known as what type of number?
    A composite number

  10. What was the name of Winston Churchill's wife?
    Clementine Churchill