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Fun pub quiz questions for a fab quiz night!

Fun Pub Quiz Questions


  1. In relation to its body size, the tube-lipped nectar bat has the longest what of all animals?

  2. Which major Italian car company used to make tractors?

  3. Which swimming stroke is sometimes known as the frog stroke?

  4. What chemical makes leaves and plants green?

  5. Globophobia is the fear of what?

  6. Who invented the word 'bump'?

  7. What is the structure on top of the Empire State Building?

  8. Which bird species has the highest population?

  9. Which super villain is the main antagonist in the marvel film Infinity War?

  10. On which sea was Jesus said to have walked on water?

  1. When is national girlfriend day in the UK and USA?

  2. Which football manager famously climbed into the wrong dugout during the 1998/99 season?

  3. In which country do you have to apply to be reincarnated in?

  4. What does Hz stand for in physics?

  5. What name is given to the easternmost region of Africa in which Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia are located?

  6. What is the opening line to 'Islands in the Stream' by Kenny Rogers?

  7. What is the most expensive film ever made?

  8. What is the radius of a circle if its diameter measures 19.5cm?

  9. What type of car is a T-Bird?

  10. True of False: The world's longest domestic cat is 118.33cm / 3 ft 10.59 in?