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Fun Quiz Questions 8


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Fun quiz questions and answers for the best pub quiz night

Fun Quiz Questions 8


  1. What is the number three in German?

  2. Which British TV soap is based on the residents of Weatherfield?

  3. Which three-wheeled vehicle did the character Delboy from the famous sitcom Only Fools and Horses drive?

  4. True or false: The small intestine is longer than the large intestine?

  5. What colour jacket is worn by the dog in trap one in British greyhound racing?

  6. Macaroni, Yellow-eyed and Chinstrap are all species of what?

  7. Which bingo number is associated with the phrase 'unlucky for some'?

  8. How many keys are there on a full size piano?

  9. What is the last letter of the Greek alphabet?

  10. From which make of vehicle did Dr Emmit Brown build a time machine in the Back to the Future movies?

  1. Which body part can be placed before the following words: drum, ache, ring?

  2. What is a ham and pineapple pizza typically known as?

  3. Who played Michael Knight in the TV series Knight Rider?

  4. Which star sign is represented by the symbol of the crab?

  5. What word can precede eye, cage, mountain?

  6. Which of the following flags does not feature the Union Jack: a) Australia b) Tuvalu c) Taiwan d) New Zealand?

  7. The design concept for the Smart Car was inspired by: a) Swatch watches b) Casio watches c) Rotary watches d) Ice watches?

  8. Which body part can be placed before coat?

  9. What food does the Giant Panda’s diet mainly consist of?

  10. True or false: the average human body has more than 200 muscles?