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General Knowledge Quiz 8 Answers


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Free General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers for Pub Trivia Night

General Knowledge Quiz Answers


  1. Cuba

  2. Victor Hugo

  3. Cricket

  4. Valentine's Day

  5. The Caspian Sea is an enclosed inland body of water

  6. Fruits, Vegetables, Protein Foods, Grains and Dairy

  7. Margaret Thatcher

  8. Agnes Grey

  9. The Flag of China

  10. Reproduction without fertilization

  1. California

  2. A moth (Death's Head Hawk-moth)

  3. March 14th (3.14)

  4. Peter Gabriel

  5. Vienna

  6. The North Atlantic Ocean

  7. Georgia

  8. One World Trade Center

  9. James Joyce

  10. The United States