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General Knowledge Quiz Questions 14


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General Knowledge quiz questions and answers that are suitable for a fun family or pub quiz night.

General Knowledge Quiz Questions 14


  1. Which boy band had a hit in 2011 with 'Glad You Came'?

  2. Located in La Coruna, Spain, what name is given to the world's oldest working lighthouse?

  3. How many square inches are there in a square meter?

  4. Which capital city was known formerly as Peking?

  5. Can you unscramble the following letters to reveal a type of South American animal that is closely related to the llama: NUGACOA

  6. Between what years did Margaret Thatcher serve as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?

  7. What part of the body holds bile that is produced by the liver?

  8. What is the chemical symbol for Nitrogen?

  9. What is the name of the German man who invented Pilates?

  10. What three colours feature on the flag of Ireland?

  1. The filmmakers of which Disney story is said to have been inspired by the lives of Joseph and Moses from the Bible?

  2. What organ is cardiac muscle tissue found in?

  3. In what year did trampolining become an olympic sport?

  4. What was the name of the Lane in which the Great Fire of London is said to have started?

  5. What country does the cheese 'Brie' originate from?

  6. In what year did the British girl group 'Little Mix' win the X Factor?

  7. What is the name of the actor who played 'Ron Weasley' in Harry Potter?

  8. What country is 'Mount Fuji' located in?

  9. What plant is usually found in a classic Mojito cocktail?

  10. How old was Whitney Houston when she died?