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General Knowledge Quiz Questions 9


Keep your pub quiz teams entertained with Challenge the Brain's free General Knowledge Quiz Questions 9

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General Knowledge quiz questions and answers for pub quiz night

General Knowledge Quiz Questions 9


  1. What word beginning with the letter P is a film title, a type of cheese and an American city?

  2. What are the third molars commonly known as?

  3. How many Bond themes were sang by Shirley Bassey?

  4. Who is the only fictional character to have an obituary in the New York Times?

  5. What are the names of Barack Obama's daughters?

  6. What was the Italian thief, Vincenzo Peruggia, famous for stealing in 1911?

  7. Which sporting event is an anagram of 'bothnail'?

  8. What film, featuring Elvis Presley, was released in 1956?

  9. In the UK, what is indicated by a red circular road sign with a white horizontal line across it?

  10. How many feet are there in a yard?

  1. Which two colours make up the flag of Poland?

  2. What is the capital of Barbados?

  3. What nationality is the architect 'Stephen Sauvestre'?

  4. What breed of dog are the names Airedale, Bedlington and Boston associated with?

  5. What 'H' can be used to define a person who says one thing and does another?

  6. Which motor car company uses the hood ornament 'The Spirit of Ecstasy'?

  7. Which country's flag has three vertical stripes the order of green, white, red?

  8. Which celebrity did Jason Alexander marry in 2004 in Las Vegas?

  9. The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street is the nickname of which major building in London?

  10. What is a Mantilla?