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General Knowledge Quiz UK Questions


Free general knowledge quiz UK questions and answers for a pub quiz night in the United Kingdom. Choose from loads of printable general knowledge UK quiz questions from Challenge the Brain.

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Host a fun general knowledge UK quiz with trivia quiz questions and answers on the United Kingdom from Britain's number one free pub quiz website

General Knowledge Quiz UK Questions


  1. What is the first verse from the poem 'The Tyger' by William Blake?

  2. Which Beatle was first to leave the band?

  3. Can you name the three English counties that begin with the letter H?

  4. The song 'Wouldn't It Be Lovely' comes from which famous musical?

  5. Who was Edmund the Magnificent?

  6. How many chocolate varieties are there in a standard box of Quality Street?

  7. Which English physicist discovered the neutron?

  8. What is the nearest London underground station to Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament?

  9. What is Newcastle United Football Club nickmamed?

  10. In which English county are both the most westerly and most southerly points of England located?

  1. What is the smallest Royal Palace named?

  2. What unit of distance is equal to 220 yards / 1/8 mile?

  3. Which English racecourse is nicknamed Glorius?

  4. Which Shakespearean play features the phrase 'A fool's paradise'?

  5. Nelson's Coffin was made from planks that came from which French Flagship?

  6. What is the time difference between the UK and Bangkok?

  7. How many years of marriage is celebrated by a Pearl Wedding Anniversary?

  8. What does VAT stand for?

  9. What is the Queen's surname?

  10. It is said that the Tower of London and the Crown are protected by six resident what?