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Geography Quiz Answers


Welcome to the ultimate Geography Quiz Questions with Answers. Host a fun geography pub quiz night with our printable trivia questions and answers.

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Geography quiz questions and answers for a fun family or pub quiz night

Geography Quiz Answers


  1. The Caspian Sea

  2. Abu Dhabi

  3. Lake Victoria

  4. Vatican City and San Marino

  5. The Bengal Delta (also known as the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta, Brahmaputra Delta, Sunderbans Delta)

  6. Barbados

  7. Hurricanes (wind speed)

  8. The Atlantic Ocean

  9. Cold desert

  10. Oceania

  1. Ayers Rock

  2. The practice of drawing maps

  3. Sweden, Norway and Denmark

  4. K2

  5. Antarctica

  6. Maple leaf

  7. Mexico City

  8. Humidity

  9. Monaco

  10. Cumulonimbus