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Geography Quiz Questions 8


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Geography quiz questions and answers for family and pub quizzes

Geography Quiz Questions 8


  1. Which islands do Jersey and Guernsey belong to?

  2. What city is both the capital and biggest city in the state of Mississippi?

  3. Which African country is surrounded entirely by South Africa?

  4. Which country does Greenland belong to?

  5. Which Italian city is built on water?

  6. Which river runs through the states of Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota?

  7. What is the largest rainforest in the world?

  8. Which American state is more northern, Arizona or Utah?

  9. What is the biggest lake in the UK's Lake District?

  10. What is the smallest country in the world by area and population?

  1. What is the second largest country in Europe after Russia?

  2. What is the capital of Colombia?

  3. What is the longest mountain range in South America?

  4. What is the largest lake in Africa?

  5. What is the largest country in the world with no permanent rivers?

  6. What is the largest city in Iceland?

  7. Which major river flows through the Grand Canyon?

  8. What is the most southerly country in Africa?

  9. Which is the largest Caribbean island?

  10. The Oosterscheldekering storm surge barrier protects which country from flooding?