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Geography Quiz Questions 9


Create a pub quiz night that's fun and entertaining with Geography Quiz Questions 9 by the team at Challenge the Brain.

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Geography quiz questions and answers for a fun trivia night.

Geography Quiz Questions 9


  1. Can you name the countries of which the following capital cities belong to: Beijing, Dhaka, Tokyo, Jakarta, Seoul?

  2. Which country borders Lithuania and Estonia?

  3. What is the smallest country of mainland Africa?

  4. What river flows through/borders Switzerland, Principality of Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, France, Netherlands?

  5. Which continent do the Solomon Islands belong to?

  6. What is the largest island of the Philippines called?

  7. Gozo is a small Mediterranean island off the coast of which country?

  8. What is the smallest country in Asia?

  9. Which continent is Serbia located on?

  10. What are the names of the five countries that form the Nordic countries?

  1. What is the largest island in Europe?

  2. What is the second largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates?

  3. What is the capital city of Romania?

  4. Which country does Madeira belong to?

  5. Trinidad and Tobago are located in close proximity to which South American country?

  6. What is the highest mountain in Great Britain?

  7. What is the highest mountain in Egypt?