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Halloween Trivia Questions


Test your trivia knowledge with our selection of Halloween quiz questions readymade for friends and family to enjoy. For the best quiz night, check out our free Halloween quizzes with trivia questions for October 31st by Challenge The Brain.

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Halloween questions for the best quiz night!

Halloween Trivia Questions


  1. Which country celebrates the Day of the Dead?

  2. Complete the popular witch's chant which begins with the word Double?

  3. Which saint's day falls on the day following Halloween?

  4. Where is the birthplace of the ancient festival associated with Halloween known as Samhain?

  5. What popular Halloween game involves a container of water and fruit?

  6. True or false: Halloween is also known as All Hallows' Eve?

  7. What is the name of the friendly ghost that haunts a mansion in Maine?

  8. What does the word 'Hallow' mean?

  9. What number is considered unlucky in many countries across the world?

  10. What word beginning with the letter Z describes a corpse revived by witchcraft?

  1. Which classic horror movie features a child named Damien who has a birthmark in the shape of three sixes?

  2. When do werewolves typically change from human to wolf form?

  3. What does the Spanish word 'Diablo' mean?

  4. Which spooky family is Uncle Fester a member of?

  5. Can you unscramble the following word to reveal an utensil used by witches: LUDARCNO?

  6. Which 1962 song by Bobby "Boris" Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers has since become a popular song played on Halloween?

  7. Is a pumpkin officially classed as a vegetable or fruit?

  8. What is the name of the character from the Halloween series who begins as a young boy that murders his sister?

  9. What word beginning with the letter B is used in reference to the devil in numerous biblical sources?

  10. What is the only mammal in the world that is able to fly?