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History Quiz Answers 13


These history quiz questions cover various aspects of history including historical themes like famous individuals, wars, and specific time periods or events.

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History quiz questions and answers for a challenging pub quiz night.

History Quiz Answers 13


  1. Johannes Gutenberg

  2. World War II (specifically, the Pacific Theater)

  3. Abraham Lincoln

  4. The Silk Road flourished primarily during the Ancient and Medieval eras.

  5. The Inca civilization

  6. Great Britain

  7. Marie Curie

  8. King Henry VIII

  9. 1989

  10. Cherokee Nation

  1. Ur

  2. The American Revolution (specifically, 1773)

  3. Giuseppe Garibaldi

  4. 1903

  5. England and France

  6. Leif Erikson

  7. The Mayflower

  8. Babylon (Mesopotamia)

  9. John F. Kennedy (U.S.) and Nikita Khrushchev (Soviet Union)

  10. The Apollo 11 moon landing