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History Quiz Questions 10


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History Quiz Questions 10


  1. Which WWII British Navy ship is anchored on the River Thames in London?

  2. What was the final destination of the RMS Titanic?

  3. Which British car manufacturer launched the mini in 1959?

  4. What was the British royal family's name before it became Windsor?

  5. Which clipper ship was built by Scott & Linton in 1869?

  6. Who designed the Supermarine Spitfire?

  7. What was the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte?

  8. During which war did the Battle of the Bulge occur?

  9. How old was King Henry VIII when he died?

  10. During which Century did Leonardo da Vinci die?

  1. Who was leader of Germany during WWI?

  2. Formosa was the former name of which country?

  3. Which military leader crossed the Alps by elephant to attack the Romans?

  4. What type of house did the Celts live in?

  5. Which ancient wonder was located at the Port of Alexandria?

  6. Who was the youngest daughter of King George VI?

  7. Which British Royal Navy ship was involved in the Yangtze incident?

  8. From which European island did the mafia originate?

  9. What was Buffalo Bill's birth name?

  10. Which present-day country was home to the Greek 'Temple of Artemis'?