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History Quiz Questions 12


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History quiz questions and answers for a fun trivia night.

History Quiz Questions 12


  1. Which country famously used 'the Luger pistol' during the World Wars?

  2. Which battle took place from 23rd February 1836 to 6th March 1836?

  3. Historically, what did an English town require to be called a city?

  4. The Romans named 'Neptune' God of the what?

  5. Which Mexican general attacked the Alamo?

  6. What was discovered by James W. Marshall in California in 1848?

  7. What year did the Korean War begin?

  8. Which British battlecruiser was sunk by the German battleship 'Bismarck' during WWII?

  9. Which Spanish islands were known as 'The Fortunate Islands'?

  10. Opened in 1837, what is the name of London's oldest hotel?

  1. Who was the first female prime minister of Great Britain?

  2. How is Queen Boudica thought to have ended her life?

  3. Who was the first wife of Napoléon Bonaparte??

  4. True or False: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are thought to have been located in Iraq

  5. Which famous nurse was known as 'The Lady with the Lamp'?

  6. What is the largest man made structure on Earth?

  7. What year did American Pilot 'Tony Jannus' make the first scheduled airline flight?

  8. Who was the first female prime minister of Canada?

  9. Which giant statue stood at Olympia?

  10. What is the longest war in history?