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Quiz 9: History Trivia Answers


Free history trivia quiz questions with answers for a pub quiz night. Select from hundreds of pub quizzes with printable answers from Challenge The Brain..

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Enjoy a history pub quiz with free trivia quiz questions and answers on history from Challenge The Brain.

History Trivia Quiz Answers


  1. 16th Century

  2. Ireland

  3. Nelson Mandela

  4. The Falklands War

  5. Richard the Lionheart


  7. John F. Kennedy

  8. True (The Ford Timotor)

  9. Margaret Thatcher

  10. Battle of Normandy

  1. President Dwight D. Eisenhower

  2. 1922

  3. Geoffrey Chaucer

  4. 4th July

  5. Teddy Roosevelt

  6. Sea

  7. Erich Hartmann

  8. J.Edgar Hoover


  10. Twice