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Maths Quiz for Adults


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Fun Maths quiz questions and answers for adults.

Maths Quiz for Adults


  1. How many equal sides and equal angles does an isocelese triangle have?

  2. What is an equivalent fraction?

  3. What is the cube root of 343?

  4. 40% of 10 = 20% of ?

  5. What is the highest single digit whole number used in the decimal system?

  6. What is the sum of all the internal angles of a hexagon?

  7. Can you write the following fractions as decimals: 22/100, 6/10, 1/4?

  8. Which compass point is fixed at 0 degrees?

  9. How many lines of symmetry does a star have?

  10. What is 1000 in Roman numerals?

  1. What do the abbreviations sin, cos, tan stand for?

  2. What is the missing number from the following sequence: 54, ..., 72, ..., 114?

  3. Is an angle of 65 degrees known as an acute, obtuse or reflex angle?

  4. What is the smallest composite number?

  5. Can you show the following ratios by their lowest terms: 20:60, 75:100, 4:10?

  6. How many prime numbers are there between from number 1 to 100?

  7. Fractions that have the same value are known by what name?

  8. What is 0.90 x 9.5?

  9. What is the only number that is spelled in alphabetical order?

  10. What is the RCL function used for on a scientific calculator?