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Maths Quiz Questions 7


Create a pub quiz night that's fun and entertaining with Maths Quiz Questions 7 by the team at Challenge the Brain.

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Maths Quiz Questions 7


  1. Which of the following fractions is not equivalent to 3/5: 60/100, 16/20, 9/12, 30/50?

  2. What is 112 in Roman numerals?

  3. What is the cube root of 216?

  4. What does the following formula provide: 1/2 x base x vertical height?

  5. What is the only even prime number?

  6. 7298 = + 150 + 9 + 37?

  7. Can you change the following fraction to a decimal: 1/8?

  8. How many lines of symmetry does a hexagon have?

  9. What is a perfect number?

  10. Can you convert the following measurement to cm and mm: 11.86m?

  1. What is 1.8 x 18?

  2. Is an angle of 240 degrees known as an acute, obtuse or reflex angle?

  3. Whose theorem is used to calculate the length of missing sides in right-angled triangles?

  4. How many lines of symmetry does a rhombus have?

  5. What is an improper fraction?

  6. What is indicated by x on a graph?

  7. Which of these numbers can be divided exactly by 8: 480, 514, 560, 596?

  8. What is the only shape for which the number of diagonals and sides are equal?

  9. Can you unscramble the following letters to reveal a word that describes the point where two sides meet on a triangle: XTREVE?

  10. Henry cycles 6.6km to work and 7.2km back from work each day, how many km does he cycle to and from work over a 7 day period??