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Movie Quiz Answers 10


Create a pub quiz night that's fun and entertaining with Movie Quiz Answers 10 by the team at Challenge the Brain.

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Movie quiz questions and answers for the best pub quiz night.

Movie Quiz Answers 10


  1. Mike Myers

  2. Hallie Berry

  3. Meet me in St Louis

  4. Little Women

  5. False: Lisa Kudrow played Phoebe in Friends

  6. Sylvester Stallone

  7. Christian Bale

  8. Catch Me If You Can

  9. Emma Watson

  10. Rebel Wilson

  1. Vince Vaughan

  2. Simon Pegg

  3. Chris O'Donnell

  4. Uma Thurman

  5. The Little Mermaid

  6. Paul Rudd

  7. Morgan Freeman

  8. Michael Jordon

  9. Eddie Murphy

  10. The Heat