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Movie Quiz Questions 8


Create a pub quiz night that's fun and entertaining with Movie Quiz Questions 8 by the team at Challenge the Brain.

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Movie Quiz Questions 8


  1. For which 2011 movie did Colin Firth win an Oscar?

  2. Which of the following movies did Brad Pitt star in a)Red b)Shutter Island c)Troy?

  3. Who Am I: I was born in Dublin in 1976, I am male and starred in Phone Booth, SWAT and Horrible Bosses?

  4. Can you name the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

  5. Which 1995 movie, starring Robin Williams, is about a magical board game?

  6. Which actor starred as Robin alongside George Clooney in the 1997 movie Batman & Robin?

  7. Ben Stiler has appeared in which of these movies: Zoolander, Ranjo or Pineapple Express?

  8. In which 1996 movie did Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt appear together?

  9. Which actor starred in all of these movies: The Tourist, Alice in Wonderland and The Rum Diary?

  10. In which film does Jim Carey play the characters of Hank and Charlie?

  1. Which actor played Danny Ocean in the movies 'Ocean's Eleven, Ocean's Twelve and Ocean's Thirteen'?

  2. True or False: Tom Cruise once played James Bond?

  3. Tom Hardy won an Oscar for Best Actor in which 2008 movie?

  4. In which year was the movie Gremlins released a)1984 b)1985 c)1986?

  5. Liam Neeson starred in which of these following movies: The A Team, Spiderman or 2 Guns?

  6. What year did Richard Gere and Julia Roberts star in Pretty Woman?

  7. Aileen Quinn starred as an orphan in which 1982 musical?

  8. Tom Hanks and Michael Duncan Clarke starred in which 1999 film?

  9. The 'Scary Movie' films are based on which horror film?

  10. Which two famous brothers starred in the 2004 comedy White Chicks?