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Quiz 7: Movie Quiz Questions


Free movie quiz questions and answers for a fun quiz night. Enjoy printable Movie quiz questions and film trivia including guess the movie, famous film quotes, songs from movies, characters plus loads more questions from Challenge the Brain..

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Enjoy a fun film quiz with movie trivia quiz questions and answers from your number one free pub quiz website.

Movie Quiz Questions


  1. Which famous movie features a woman with a Death's Head Hawk-moth covering her mouth on its promotional material?

  2. Who played Jim Lovell in Apollo 13?

  3. Which city is the film Trainspotting based in?

  4. Pixar Animation Studios is a subsidary of which company?

  5. Who starred as Scarlet O'Hara in the 1939 film Gone with the Wind?

  6. Which 80s film features a number of quotes beginning with the words 'Coughlin's law'?

  7. Which character sings 'I'm a Believer' in the movie Shrek?

  8. In Home Alone, Kevin uses quotes from which famous gangster movie to play tricks on the pizza delivery man?

  9. Which legendary American dancer directed and starred in the musical comedy film Singin' in the Rain?

  10. Who directed Reservoir Dogs?

  1. Which movie of 1985 features the song 'Living in America' by James Brown?

  2. Which French actress plays Madeleine Swann in the 2015 James Bond movie Spectre?

  3. Which 70s movie features a young mod called Jimmy?

  4. Who plays the Mad Hatter in the 2010 movie Alice in Wonderland and its 2016 sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass?

  5. The Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News featured on which famous hit movie?

  6. In which film does a robot fall in love with a probe sent by the Axiom ship?

  7. Which Australian 1980's drama film features Kylie Minogue as a young girl called Lola played?

  8. Which character did Danny Divito play in the movie Batman Returns?

  9. Which 1986 action movie features several songs by Queen?

  10. Who played Captain Georg von Trapp in the 1965 musical film 'The Sound of Music'?