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Pop Culture Trivia Answers


Test your music knowledge with our selection of pop culture trivia quiz answers for the best pub quiz night. Check out our free pop culture trivia quizzes with trivia answers about music from the decades, songs, singers, lyrics, bands and song titles.

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Pop culture trivia answers for the best quiz night!

Pop Culture Trivia Answers


  1. Bon Jovi: Keep the Faith

  2. Miley Cyrus

  3. The Bee Gees

  4. I’ll Be Missing You

  5. Kelly Clarkson

  6. Top Gun

  7. Susan Boyle

  8. Michael Jackson

  9. I used to think that I could not go on

  10. Louisa Johnson

  1. Dangerously in Love

  2. M.C. Hammer

  3. John Legend

  4. Jimi Hendrix

  5. Ticket to Ride

  6. Meat Loaf

  7. 1992

  8. Graceland

  9. Calvin Harris

  10. I Just Called to Say I Love You