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Pub Quiz 11 Answers


The team at Challenge the Brain have created the best Pub Quiz with separate, printable answers, now quiz masters across the world can hold the best quiz night ever.

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Pub quiz answers for the ultimate trivia night

Pub Quiz Answers


  1. Vultures

  2. Starry Starry Night

  3. Rabat

  4. Freddie Mercury

  5. Frank Lampard

  6. 90 degrees

  7. Norwegian

  8. Say You Won't Let Go

  9. Bell X-1

  10. 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 F)

  1. Green, orange and purple

  2. The Flying Scotsman

  3. Al Capone

  4. Spain and France

  5. Lent

  6. Robin Williams

  7. African Elephant

  8. William Shakespeare

  9. Lucy

  10. Mcfly