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Pub Quiz Answers 14


Hundreds of free pub quiz questions and answers for quizmasters, printable for a pub quiz night!

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Fun pub quiz questions with printable answers for trivia night.

Pub Quiz Answers


  1. Peregrine Falcon

  2. Wayne's World (Bohemian Rhapsody)

  3. India and Bangladesh

  4. Jesse Owens

  5. Nottingham

  6. Five

  7. Billie Jean

  8. Herod

  9. 0.68

  10. Cheese pizza

  1. The Sargasso Sea

  2. Delia Smith

  3. Reykjavik in Iceland

  4. The lyrics 'the day the music died' from Don McLean's hit song 'American Pie'

  5. False: The lower the number, the higher the acidity

  6. 3 stumps and 2 bails

  7. Donkey

  8. Chinese crispy seaweed is not seaweed, it generally made from fried spring greens

  9. £125,000

  10. Soprano