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Pub Quiz Answers 36


Host a fun pub quiz night with our Pub Quiz Answers 36; free, printable quiz questions and answers from Challenge the Brain.

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Pub quiz questions and answers for the best pub quiz night.

Pub Quiz Answers 36


  1. Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael

  2. Because of its ability to walk on water (it can run across the water)

  3. The flute

  4. The bullet trains

  5. Rocky IV

  6. Tabasco

  7. David Bowie

  8. A blue or white bird

  9. Eight

  10. One - Brazil

  1. Manchester United

  2. Puppets

  3. Lie detector test

  4. Respectable

  5. Green

  6. Family Guy

  7. Bamboo

  8. Port Isaac, Cornwall

  9. The funny bone

  10. An Albatross