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Hundreds of free UK pub quiz questions with answers for a readymade trivia quiz night in the United Kingdom. Loads of printable pub quiz questions UK and answers, readymade for quizmasters and landlords.

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Printable UK pub quiz answers for your quizmasters. Free pub quiz questions and answers UK from Britain's number one online quiz questions website

Pub Quiz Answers UK


  1. North

  2. M42

  3. In a cask of brandy or rum

  4. William Blake

  5. Red

  6. Lake Windermere

  7. Rick Allen

  8. East Anglia, Essex, Kent, Mercia, Northumbria, Sussex and Wessex

  9. Rolls Royce

  10. Number 1

  1. Bedfordshire

  2. The name of the country

  3. 17

  4. Severn 354km, Thames 346km, Trent 298km, Great Ouse 230km, Wye 215km

  5. Drum (Drake's Drum)

  6. The City of London

  7. Sir Winston Churchill

  8. Queue

  9. Dartmouth, Devon

  10. Wednesday's child