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Pub Quiz Questions 15


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Pub Quiz Questions 15


  1. What is the fastest racquet sport?

  2. What is the largest artery in the human body?

  3. How many angles does a pentagon have?

  4. Which famous diarist wrote a diary in the form of letters to a person named Kitty?

  5. The Red Sea is an inlet of which ocean?

  6. Who scored the most goals in the world cup 2014?

  7. How many colours make up the flag of France?

  8. What was JFK's full name?

  9. Where is Admiral Lord Nelson buried?

  10. What is the highest mountain in Europe?

  1. What was Madonna's first UK number one song?

  2. What colour are odd numbers on a roulette wheel?

  3. Which movie features a mouse named Mr. Jingles?

  4. Which British mathematician is credited with the invention of the first programmable computer?

  5. What was the title of the third Harry Potter book in the series?

  6. Which underground line is London's Covent Garden on?

  7. What is determined by the Mohs' Scale?

  8. How many millilitres are in a pint?

  9. Which country has the most castles?

  10. What two dog breeds make a Boingle?