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Pub Quiz Questions 17


Keep your pub quiz teams entertained with Challenge the Brain's free Pub Quiz Questions 17.

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Pub Quiz Questions 17


  1. Which country has the biggest railway network in the world?

  2. How many white piano keys are there in an octave?

  3. How many consonants are there in the English alphabet?

  4. What are the five human senses?

  5. How many eyes did Cyclops have?

  6. How many characters does Eddie Murphy play in the 1996 film 'The Nutty Professor'?

  7. Complete the phrase, ‘off to see a man…’?

  8. If a triangle has 1 angle of 30 degrees, a 2nd angle of 60 degrees, how many would the 3rd angle measure?

  9. How many cents is a nickel worth?

  10. What is an acute angle?

  1. Which of the following is not a navigational device: a) Sexton b) Pinnacle c) Compass d) Pantograph

  2. What is a palindrome?

  3. What was the surname of the family who operated and controlled 'The Thunderbirds'?

  4. Which American state only has one syllable?

  5. What year was the euro introduced in Spain?

  6. When mixed together, which two colours create the colour purple?

  7. Which Brazilian city is home to the statue of Christ the Redeemer?

  8. What was the former name of confectionary product Starburst?

  9. What is 'triskaidekaphobia' a fear of?

  10. The term 'siamese twins' derived from conjoined twins "Chang and Eng Bunker". Which country were the twins born in?