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Pub Quiz Questions 18


Host a fun pub quiz night with our Pub Quiz Questions 18; free, printable quiz questions and answers from Challenge the Brain.

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Pub quiz questions and answers for family and pub quizzes.

Pub Quiz Questions 18


  1. Which continent is the most populated?

  2. Which pop group had a hit in the 80s with the song 'True'?

  3. Which WWII American aircraft carrier was nicknamed the Big E?

  4. What part of a right triangle is called the hypotenuse?

  5. Which distance is longer, 1 nautical mile or 1.6km (UK: 1 mile)?

  6. How many white stripes are on the US flag?

  7. What is a vuvuzela?

  8. How old was van Gogh when he died, a) 27 b) 37 c) 47?

  9. What 'T' is an agreement under international law?

  10. What nickname is given to the three bones foumd in the middle ear?

  1. Who wrote 'The Lord of the Rings' novel?

  2. Which company uses the advertising slogan 'vorsprung durch technik'?

  3. What does IQ stand for?

  4. How many minutes are there in seven days?

  5. Which male artist was born 'Harry Rodger Webb'?

  6. Which British soap is an anagram of 'hooksally'?

  7. In which country can the original 'Raffles Hotel' be found?

  8. What is the square root of 169?

  9. The RMS Titanic and the RMS Olympic were sister ships of which ocean liner?

  10. F&B's is the abbreviated name for which New York/Italian restaurant and bar?