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Pub Quiz Questions 29


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Pub Quiz Questions 29


  1. Helvetia is the female national personification of which country?

  2. Which Michael Jackson song was composed by Charlie Chaplin?

  3. Which is further south - the capital of Spain or the capital of Portugal?

  4. Olly Alexander is the lead singer of which pop band?

  5. What year did West Ham move to the Olympic Stadium?

  6. What is a misocapnist?

  7. Which American inventor is credited with the creation of the rocking chair?

  8. How many square inches are there in a square foot?

  9. The name of which type of martial art means 'empty hand'?

  10. Which three actresses played Charlie's Angels in the 2000 movie?

  1. WADA is a foundation initiated by the International Olympic Committee, what do the letters WADA stand for?

  2. Which two planets of our solar system have no observed moons that orbit them?

  3. Which sport is Eddy Merckx associated with?

  4. What is amp short for?

  5. Who played Pussy Galore in Goldfinger?

  6. Which English engineer invented the World Wide Web?

  7. Which Shakespearean play features a character known as Puck?

  8. Which famous sculpture has the faces of four American Presidents carved into it?

  9. Which three countries border Norway?

  10. What is a group of six performers called?