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Pub Quiz Questions 30


Keep your pub quiz teams entertained with Challenge the Brain's free Pub Quiz Questions 30.

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Pub quiz questions and answers for a fun trivia night.

Pub Quiz Questions 30


  1. In the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, what does Brian May tell Freddie he looks like when he appears in a cropped white leather jacket?

  2. An ISBN is a unique identifier that is used to identify which type of product?

  3. The national flag of which European country is composed of nine blue and white horizontal stripes, and a white cross on a blue square field on the canton?

  4. In which English county is the TV series Downton Abbey set?

  5. Which Ronan Keating song begins with the lyrics, 'Sometimes late at night, I lie awake and watch her sleeping'?

  6. What distance is the penalty shot from the goal line in a game of football?

  7. Which Netflix series features a detective named Julien Baptiste?

  8. What is the capital city of Syria?

  9. What was Pink's first UK number one song?

  10. In a game of darts, what is the lowest score that cannot be scored with a single dart?

  1. Nick Rhodes is a founding member of which 80s band?

  2. Wood denotes which wedding anniversary?

  3. What is the title of E. L. James' 2019 novel?

  4. How many teams are there in the Premier League?

  5. Which female artist produced an album called '19'?

  6. What is the name of Johnny English's sidekick in Johnny English Strikes Again?

  7. Which Dan Brown novel is based on the characters Dr. Sienna Brooks and Professor Robert Langdon?

  8. Which American artist produced a famous painting known as 'Dogs Playing Poker'?

  9. From which movie does the following quote derive: 'Miracles happen in unexpected places, even on death row at Cold Mountain Penitentiary'?

  10. How many letter tiles are there in a standard game of Scrabble?