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Pub Quiz Questions 31


Host a fun pub quiz night with our Pub Quiz Questions 31; free, printable quiz questions and answers from Challenge the Brain.

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Pub quiz questions and answers for the best pub quiz night.

Pub Quiz Questions 31


  1. Jeremy Clarkson's mother was the first to create and manufacture a stuffed version of what?

  2. How many colours were used in the original Rubik's Cube?

  3. Who took the title of man of the match Soccer Aid 2019?

  4. Can you name five royal parks situated in Greater London?

  5. What is the cube root of 512?

  6. How many vowels appear on the top row of a standard QWERTY keyboard?

  7. Globophobia is a fear of what?

  8. What is an Oenophilia?

  9. Which British sitcom features Vanessa Shanessa Jenkins?

  10. Who wrote the story of Pinocchio?

  1. What make is the yellow car that features on the Inbetweeners?

  2. What is the meaning of a cappella?

  3. Who plays the Queen in the first two seasons of The Crown?

  4. In Season 7 of Game of Thrones, which character says, 'When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives'?

  5. The BBC banned the song Lola by The Kinks as the lyrics included what words?

  6. Which musical features the song 'America'?

  7. What is the maximum number of horses allowed to take part in the Grand National?

  8. Which country was named 'Little Venice' by Amerigo Vespucci following his expedition in 1499?

  9. What is the oldest scientific zoo in the world?

  10. What is the French word for dog?