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Pub Quiz Questions 34


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Pub Quiz Questions 34


  1. Which cat sings 'Memories' in the 2019 movie CATS?

  2. Which cocktail consists of white rum, lime juice and simple syrup?

  3. What is the chemical symbol for Aluminium?

  4. Manchester city centre is situated on the east bank of which river?

  5. What type of animal does cashmere come from?

  6. Traditionally, how many years of marriage does a Crystal Wedding Anniversary represent?

  7. Which British TV Series won the NTA's Impact Award' in 2020?

  8. Can you name the seven positions of a netball team?

  9. By what names are the poets Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell better known?

  10. What country was IKEA founded in?

  1. What is the name of the actress, Millie Bobby Brown's character in the series 'Stranger Things'?

  2. What year did Sony introduce the 'Walkman'?

  3. How many members of UK Parliament does the House of Commons consist of?

  4. What are the first names of the twin brothers who were the founders of the city of Rome?

  5. What is the closest capital city to the equator?

  6. Which classical ballet tells the story of a girl who visits the Land of Sweets on Christmas Eve?

  7. What are the two main ingredients of a Spanish omelette?

  8. What part of the body holds bile that is produced by the liver?

  9. What is the name of the actor who plays 'Ron Weasley' in Harry Potter?

  10. What two colours feature on the flag of Poland?