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Pub Quiz Questions 38


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Pub Quiz Questions 38


  1. Which British male artist released an album called 'Life Thru a Lens'?

  2. What is the smallest particle of an element?

  3. Who released a song in 2016 called Can't Stop the Feeling?

  4. Which three U.S. Presidents have been impeached?

  5. The term 'RSVP, which often appears on invitations, stands for a phrase that originates from which language?

  6. What are the words 'ebb and flow' associated with?

  7. What type of instument are the words 'Folk, Lever and Celtic' associated?

  8. Which famous male American invented swimming fins at the age of 11?

  9. What part of a tree does cinnamon come from?

  10. What type of lizard is known as the 'Jesus Christ Lizard' because of it's ability to run across water?

  1. Who used a 6-iron to play golf on the moon?

  2. Which is the biggest and most populated island belonging to the Canary Islands?

  3. Bullwinkle is a fictional character that is based on which type of animal?

  4. How many official languages does Belgium have?

  5. Which chemical compound is commonly known as laughing gas?

  6. What is the capital of California?

  7. Which brand of beer does Homer Simpson drink?

  8. Which patron saint was kidnapped at the age of sixteen and went into slavery in Ireland?

  9. What type of spiders have a marking on their adomen that is similar to an hourglass?

  10. What is the second largest city in the world by land area?